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Research shows that only 19% of Americans think about the world of 10 years from now and they only do it once a week. This podcast is 100% focused on that world or worlds of 10 years from now.


The people, the ideas, the motivations and plans of visionaries, practitioners and frankly dreamers who want to help create a very different world or worlds for us than the one we live in now.


Forbes Insights, Futures in Focus podcast will curate conversations as diverse as AI, nutrition, what we do for work, how transportation is going to look feel and work. How retail feels and works, even how healthcare will work far better for all of us.  We will talk with experts on how we will be playing ten years from now and even how a government might work in a digitally centric world.


As your host, Michael Gale, the co-author of the best-selling book on digital transformation, The Digital Helix, and a Forbes Contributor I will be your guide to these curated conversations about one area of expert focus each week.


Invest 30 minutes each week and explore what your future world might look like 10 years from now with our guests on Forbes Insight’s                                                            Futures in Focus podcast.